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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of beau biden's death. the president is chairing a studying committee -- >> if you are in the new york area, join joe and his band at prohibition. it's a great band if you're in the area. drop by. steve kornacki picks up the coverage right now. good morning this thursday. i'm steve kornacki. we're now 166 days until the election. topping the agenda this morning, a debate we never saw something with hillary clinton refusing to debate bernie sanders. donald trump now says he's willing to go one on one with sanders before the june 7th california primary. but only at a price. >> if i debated him, we'd have such high ratings, and i think i should take that money and give it to some worthy charity.
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>> also on the agenda, hillary clinton now responding to that damning state department report criticizing her use of personal e-mail for official business. she ignored questions from reporters at campaign stops on wednesday, but now she says the report shows that, quote, nothing has changed. she doesn't believe it's something that's going to affect her campaign. but while she's focused more and more on the race against donald trump, there are still primaries left and new polling from california shows clinton in a dead heat in that state with bernie sanders. clinton all but assured of winning the democratic nomination. but a loss in the nation's biggest state could send her limping into the fight with trump. big implications there. let's start this morning with that report from the state department's inspector general. it's causing more e-mail headaches for hillary clinton right now. the inspector general saying that clinton violated the federal records act by not turning over all of her official
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e-mails before leaving office. also finding that clinton did not seek or receive any approval from the state department before setting up her own private e-mail server when she became secretary of state. also saying that the state department would not have approved that arrangement if she had sought that approval. since her use of private e-mail for official business first came to light more than a year oork clinton and her campaign maintained her use of a private server was permitted under government rules. clinton herself also promised full cooperation with the investigation, but she refused to meet with the state department team that conducted this investigation. this is what clinton told andrea mitchell back in september. >> the people in the government knew that i was using a personal account. but it would have been better if i'd had two separate accounts to begin with. and certainly i'm doing all i can now to be as transparent
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about what i did have on my work related e-mails. >> it also cites former secretaries of state, including colin powell for using personal e-mails while in office. the clinton campaign says the inspector general documents just how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail. in terms of response here, bernie sanders saying only that the report speaks for itself. but donald trump and republicans are going after clinton hard over this new report. >> she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports came down, weren't so good. but not so good. the inspector general's report. not good. but i want to run against hillary. >> all right. our political team is spread out covering all angles of this. let's start with kristen welker
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in las vegas. so this has been an issue out there for more than a year now. hillary clinton has basically been saying nothing to see here. now we have this report. the inspector general from the state department. what are you hearing from the clinton campaign about this? >> certainly an unwelcome report if you are the clinton campaign. what they spent a lot of yesterday trying to spin the report. they said, look. past secretaries of state used their personal e-mail as you just read in that statement. when i pressed one of her top officials about why she never asked for permission, the response was, look, she doesn't feel as though she needed to because past secretaries of state used their private e-mail. and very similar answer when i asked why she doesn't turn over all of her records once she left office. the reaction was she didn't feel as though she needed to do that and ultimately when it was requested, she turned over thousands upon thousands of e-mails. that's why you hear secretary clinton making the case she was transparent. however, there's still a lot of questions and inconsistencies.
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we are going to try to get to secretary clinton later today when she speaks to union workers here in las vegas. she will be trying to turn the page undoubtedly. she'll rev up her attacks against donald trump. we saw that yesterday, taking aim at him for his controversial comments and then most recently those comments he made during the housing crisis when he seemed to be rooting for the housing crisis. she wants to win in california so that she doesn't leave it to the convention. she's leading sanders but only by two points, 46% to 44%. >> kristen welker, thanks for that. joel bennison is a senior adviser for hillary clinton and joins us. thanks for taking a few minutes. let's start with this question. here's a report. this was an investigation several months in the works. john kerry, the current secretary of state had asked this investigation to take place. why didn't headquarter take part in the investigation and meet with investigators? >> she said there's an fbi
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inquiry going on. she'll gladly meet with them. let's look at what this report said and you mentioned secretary kerry. one thing the report said is secretary john kerry is the first secretary of state to use a e-mail account. secretary clinton's predecessors didn't have one and didn't use one. the report itself said, and secretary clinton has said if she had it to do over, she would have done it. she regretted it. she acknowledge that. the report said the state department has to update and modernize its rules. this was an area that was a gray area, and she said herself, if she had it to do over again, she would -- >> some things might have been gray but some were clear in terms of turning over e-mails before leaving office. >> almost all the e-mails she sent were sent to people at e-mails where they should have been captured in the -- >> the report specifically says that's not an adequate way of
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doing record keeping. >> i understand that. the point is the state department wants to have records of her e-mails. they have that. when the state department asked, she turned over all of her e-mails. the state department sent back e-mails to her because she was so -- >> as i understand it, there are no e-mails from her first three months in office. not every e-mail is accounted for her. >> what i know is when the state department asked for her e-mails and she turned them over, she was sent back e-mails. some, we don't need these. you didn't have to send these. the people of this country have heard her answer on this. they'll hear her answer on this again because you're asking me and people like brian fallon n we're addressing it. the key thing here is in this report, the inspector general said, the state department has to modernize and clarify the rules. and john kerry became the first secretary of state to have a e-mail.
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when you have three or four in the internet age and none of them had e-mails, it's not unreasonable for someone to infer this is an acceptable way to e-mail. >> here is what is unique. it's not just not having the official state department government e-mail. she set up her own private e-mail server with her husband that was stored in their home. no other secretary of state has done that. >> she didn't set it up with her husband. the server had existed previously. >> nobody in the state department knew about this. >> understood. other people had servers probably less secure than that outside. and, in fact, you know, as we know and one of the things in the ig report, i believe, mentions that the state systems had more problems than secretary clinton's did. i think what the american people support to hear what's going to happen in this election in their lives when hillary clinton and donald trump face off in the fall. that's what's going to happen. they're trying to figure out how
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they're going to get ahead. we have a candidate talking about building walls across mexico, refusing to release his tax returns, who we find out has paid no income taxes in the two years he gave to a casino commission. he's turned over nothing and has said to the american people, it's none of your business. she turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails for the state department. what the voters want going forward, which one of these people is going to get my life and my economic well-being moving? that's going to be hillary clinton. we're looking forward to having that debate. >> final question here, though. we talk about these poll numbers all the time. i'm sure you see them about hillary clinton and that question of trustworthiness. do you think she's trustworthy? do you think she's honest. the number who say she's dishonest has consistently been high. why is it? where is it coming from? is this,15 months of this and the revelations we've hatd. this is not something she sought approval from the state department. this is not something, the private server, known by the
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state department. she did not immediately comply with turning over all of her e-mails when she left office. is this why this is so high? >> the attention on this that this has gotten over the last 12 months has been extensive. more scrutiny of this than any other candidate in the presidential field, and they've got plenty of things other presidential candidates would be scrutinized for. she's been the front-runner. that takes a toll. what voters want, which one of these candidates can i trust to make america strong around the world, keep us strong with our allies, keep us safe from terrorism, make my economic life better. and on those questions, the american voters are going to count on hillary clinton over donald trump every day of the week. >> joel bennenson with the clinton campaign. thanks for your time. news of a possible debate in california between trump and bernie sanders. new comments from the republican on -- about the republican from president obama.
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hallie jackson is in billings, montana. donald trump will be there a little later. the president, we've talked about the role barack obama will play in this campaign. his approval rating is tipped up. clearly he doesn't want donald trump succeeding him as president. how does he go about that? maybe we just got a sign. >> i think we did. president obama appears eager n ready to go to take trump on himself as this race turns toward the general election. our reporting indicates from sources within the white house that the president is going to wait until after the democratic nomination is officially locked up to get out there and do some of the more traditional campaigning against donald trump that you might expect. what we saw overseas this morning while the president was traveling was really interesting. notable in that it was some of his harshest criticism yet against donald trump. very direct. very pointed. listen. >> it's fair to say they are surprised by the republican
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nomin nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. but they are rattled by him. >> the president continued on talking about how he believes trump is more interested in tweets and headlines than in keeping america safe. we will see what trump has to say in response to some of these attack lines at his rally in montana tonight. he's also delivering a speech on energy policy in north dakota. before that, trump wants to deliver more of these speeches over the next six weeks or so prior to the convention in july. you mentioned that debate. he was asked, donald trump, on jimmy kimmel, if he'd debate bernie sanders. he said he would for charity. sanders is into it. sanders is looking forward to
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debating trump. >> sarah huckabee sanders is a senior adviser to the trump campaign. sarah, so bernie sanders versus donald trump? is this real or sort of all talk right here? could this debate actually happen? >> look, i think it just goes to show that donald trump is not afraid of bernie sanders nearly as much as hillary clinton is who refuses to debate bernie. if she can't handle the guys in her own party, how do we expect her to take on foreign leaders that are probably much more aggressive than bernie sanders. whether it happens or not, i think we're all waiting to see about that. but donald trump certainly is happy to debate bernie sanders at any point. >> it would be unorthodox to have a candidate from one party, candidate from the other party who doesn't look like he's going to win the nomination meeting in a primary season debate. unorthodox has been the word to describe the trump campaign. here's another thing that seems
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unorthodox this week. in new mexico, donald trump had that speech the other night. suzanna martinez is the republican governor. a lot of people say she's a rise starring in the republican party nationally. she's not endorsed donald trump. she has been critical of donald trump to some other republicans. but he went out of his way in that speech in her state to attack her, to attack a fellow republican. and a lot of people, especially republicans, are looking at this and saying how can a guy emerge as the presumptive nominee of a party and try to unify it and then turn around and do this. doesn't this defeat the purpose of unifying a party? >> you are always going to have policy disagreements within the party. some people want open borders. donald trump certainly does not. he's going to fight to secure the borders. and this is something that's going to happen even after he wins office. you'll have policy disagreements. but the key thing to look at is donald trump is uniting the
6:15 am
party. he's uniting the republicans better than hillary clinton is uniting democrats. he fought through 17 different candidates and is now the presumptive nominee while she may be the front-runner, she's still not the nominee for the democrat party. she's still got to defeat bernie sanders and still has a fight on her hands. donald trump is doing an infinitely better job bringing our party together than hillary clinton is bringing hers together. >> i apologize to our viewers. we're having some sort of audio issue. hopefully it's not too distracting. but sarah, final question n then following up on this, there's a report in "the new york times" today that says what donald trump was trying to do in going after suzanna martinez was to fire a warpg shot to other republicans who are not yet on board who are not yet endorsing trump that, if you don't get on board, donald trump will go after you the way he went after suzanna martinez. is that the strategy here? >> look, i don't think that
6:16 am
donald trump has to fire warning shots. i think he is who he is no matter where he is. and i think that's why the american people have united behind him. whether the party establishment does so or not is not the big question in this race. it's whether or not the american people do. and we've seen that in state after state that they're doing that. and so i don't think there's a strategy in firing a warning shot that you have to get on board or get attacked. "the new york times" is hardly a credible source she's days. i don't think i'd take everything that they say at record. >> all right. sarah huckabee sanders with the trump campaign. thanks for the time. >> you bet. thank you, steve. up next, the most important number of the day. it gets right to the heart of the e-mail scandal we've been talking about. clinton and trustworthiness. will the latest headlines make it worse? it's our most important number, and it's next.
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my personal e-mail use was fully above board. it was allowed by the state department, as they have confirmed. >> what i did was allowed by the state department, but it wasn't the best choice. and i have been as transparent as i know to be. >> as i have said many times, there was -- that was absolutely permitted, and i did it, and it turned out to be a mistake. it wasn't the best choice. >> there you have it. there's the problem for hillary clinton with the e-mail issue. her line for the past year has been the state department allowed this. this has been confirmed by the state department. they approved this. this new report, this inspector general's report from the state department says hillary clinton did not seek approval from the
6:21 am
state department to have her own private e-mail server, to conduct official business on, and that the state department would not have approved it if she sought it. n so that gets us to our most important number of the day. today that number is 19. 19 is a very troublesome number for the clinton campaign as they look to this general election fight against donald trump. 19 is in our most recent poll where we asked this question, 19% of voters say they consider hillary clinton honest and straightforward. the number is not exactly great for donald trump, 35%. normally you'd say that's a bad number for a politician but it's almost twice the number hillary clinton faces right now. this has been a huge issue. this has been a huge obstacle. the honest and trustworthy question. that's the risk of the e-mail story for her especially in light of this new report. does it make it harder for her to bring that number up to get more americans to look at her and say, yes, i trust her.
6:22 am
yes, i consider her honest. could it even be something that brings that number even lower? keep this in mind. honesty, trustworthiness. you'd think it's a very important thing when people think about who they'll vote for. it's one of many things that go through people's mind. this is in our most recent poll. this is a word cloud. when you think of hillary clinton becoming president, what are the words that come to your mind? check this out. one of the most frequently heard things back when that question is asked, liar. not trustworthy. this plays right into it. this e-mail story. some other things in here that are negative, too. the scandals surrounding benghazi or e-mails. sick. nausea. there's some general positives in here. and donald trump. you look at the word cloud. when you think of president donald trump, what words come to
6:23 am
mind? look at this one. scared. dangerous for u.s. internationally. what about this, leaving the country. there are negative things a lot of people are saying about both of these candidates. look at the high negative scores that both trump and hillary have. this is what's driving it. when it comes to this e-mail story, that number 19, our most important number, 19% consider her honni isest and trustworthy. for more i want to bring in dan balls, the chief political correspondent for "the washington post." let's start off on this issue of e-mails. it's been out there for more than a year. this new report for the inspector general's office. also donald trump trying to make hay out of this. is this going to hurt hillary clinton, do you think? >> i think it already has hurt hillary clinton. there's so much evidence this issue continues to dog her. there seems to be no end to it. every time it looks like we may
6:24 am
be get tock a conclusion, this pops up. the clinton campaign has been aware of that. all of this is out of their hands. almost nothing they can do about it. but this report yesterday was a very tough report and very critical. and in a way that it contradicted some of her past statements will cause her problems. no question about it. and it adds to the uncertainty about what the fbi is doing. but i think that this issue is going to be with her through the election, almost no matter what the fbi ends up deciding. >> one thing you hear from sort of a counter to this would be the number that we just put up there, the honest, trustworthy number for bill clinton in the '90s was not very high. still managed to win two elections. how important do you think that question of trust is in electing a president? >> as you said earlier, it's one of any number of things of which people will take into consideration when they decide who to vote for. this election is testing the
6:25 am
limits of how high negatives can go for a candidate and still allow them to win the election. both hillary clinton and donald trump are in very difficult territory on this front. one of them is ultimately going to become the president of the united states, and we're going to look back and say, how did that happen when they had such high negatives. it's a matter of the choice and the way the choice gets framed and the way the american people render a judgment about each of these candidates characters and the issues they're supporting. >> we can put this up on the screen. donald trump, further reaction to the e-mail story on twitter. the inspector general's report on crooked hillary clinton, that's what he's taken to calling her is a disaster. such bad judgment and temperament. cannot be allowed in the white house. the broader question of donald trump strategy here, we're talking earlier with sarah huckabee from his campaign about the attacks he made this week on suzanna martinez, a republican
6:26 am
governor in new mexico, in her home state. there's some talk maybe this is trump trying to fire a warning shot at other republicans to get them on board. i'm curious what you make of the strategy. >> i think it's a mistake to think that in some way or another he sees himself as the leader of the republican party. he sees himself as donald trump. he is sort of leased the brand of the republican party for the duration of this election, but i don't think his approach to things is in the conventional way a leader of a party would think. he's going to go after people who he thinks have not treated him fairly or given him the respect he thinks he deserves. it has less to do with strategy to unify the party and more as a sense of kind of a projection of defiance to those people saying to him you have to do certain things to come in under the tent to be a more conventional candidate, to be a less bombastic candidate. everything he's done since he
6:27 am
became the presumptive nominee suggests otherwise. >> dan balls with "the washington post," thanks for the time. here is barack obama. this was 12 years ago. this was the speech that made him famous. >> well, i say to them tonight, there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of america. there is not a black america and a white america and latino america, an asian america. there's the united states of america. >> barack obama said there's no red america, no blue america, but 12 years later as his presidency comes to its end, it feels we're more divided than ever. there most definitely is a red america and a blue america, and one place you can see it, your facebook newsfeed. we'll get into that ahead. at red lobster's
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it's fair to say they are surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by them. >> that was president obama talking about how world leaders view donald trump. he's at the g7 in japan. this tops our headlines at the half. leaders have wrapped up day one of that summit. the focus is on what to do to boost the world economy. also focussed on regional threats including north korea which the president called a worry for us all. hillary clinton meanwhile insists the controversy over her private e-mail server will not impact her presidential campaign. new state department inspector general report says the process she used violated rules for handling government records. donald trump making headlines for floating the possibility of a debate with bernie sanders. did this on jimmy kimmel live
6:32 am
last night. he said he'd do it for charity. sanders tweeted game on. also the search for egyptair's black boxes is entering a new phase. they focus in on a 20-mile area of the mediterranean sea. search crews are up against the clock with just three weeks left before the box's batteries give out. 11 states have filed suit against the obama administration over its directive to force u.s. schools to let transgender students use bathrooms that match their gender identity. the white house has no comment right now. turning back to this studio where we played that clip of obama from 2004 before the last week. it has been nearly 12 years since the u.s. senator candidate at the time barack obama gave his famous red state/blue state speech. he said there wasn't a liberal america or conservative america, there's just a united states of america. all these years later, it seems like a quaint notion because more than ever there really are
6:33 am
two americas. one blue and one red. you can even see it in the news that we read on facebook. "the wall street journal" took a look at this and created two different facebook feeds. one blue for liberal slanted news stories and one red for conservative slanted news stories. looking at them side by side, the effect is dramatic. there are two total lly complety different conversations going on, even when they are on the same topic. i'm joined by the visual correspondent for "the wall street journal." this is a great idea. let's tell people first what we're looking at here. you have a blue feed and red feed side by side. the topic we've selected is hillary clinton. what's the idea here? >> what you're seeing are recent facebook posts from sources that strongly align with very liberal and very conservative users based on a facebook study last year. they did this big study. followed 10.1 billion users who
6:34 am
identified their political leanings in their profile. they tracked everything they used for six months. filtered out the soft news and left with a list of sources which align with users of one place on a particular point of the political spectrum. to illustrate this idea of what's been happening with this echo chamber or filter bubble, we decided to show the contrast and show what's really happening. and these are big conversations. every one of these sources has 100,000 followers at least. many of them in the millions when you click on these things at the top. we reveal some of these sources. depending upon which side of this feed you may not be familiar with the sources on the other side. >> i'm looking at the top. we've selected the topic hillary clinton. on the blue side, you have an article here going after donald trump. he used the term low life to talk about hillary clinton. they're outraged. talking about how terrible trump is. on the red side, it's talking
6:35 am
about exposed. hillary clinton. one sentence pulled out from this e-mail report. it's two completely different narratives. >> yesterday when the news came out about the e-mail servers, they actually had exactly the same headlines on two sources and it said this is a big deal which is interesting. looking at current news, using this data that facebook had, using their own data and their own tools, to look at the current events of this election season. it's a fascinating thing. every morning when there's a new topic that's coming up. and i'm sure the rest of this election season will continue to offer you topics and we can add them. one thing you'll see, we're definitely not like picking which story to go in there. we're pulling off of the stories from these sources every hour. and this is based on real facebook data. and we're not saying that this is just what liberals see or just what conservatives see. but we do think it's an interesting insight into this
6:36 am
kind of polarized news world that we find ourselves. there's up to 63% of americans now who use facebook get -- say facebook is their primary news source. and close to one-fifth of the world's population is using facebook now. >> this is really interesting. this is a great idea. people can go online and see these two feeds. you can see what the conversation looks like in blue america. what it looks like in red america. it's fascinating to see these side by side. john keegan from "the wall street journal," thanks for joining us. day two of hearings over those long, excruciating lines at airports around the country. solutions, new technology, hiring more people and raising wages. [ male announcer ] tora bora fallujah argonne khe sanh midway dak to normandy medina ridge the chosin reservoir these are places history will never forget
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6:40 am
questions about the problem. tens of thousands of passengers have missed flights because of the sometimes hours long screening lines at airports. tsa administrator explained what's being done to remedy the situation on "today," including working with airlines. >> i'm focussed on getting people movingiently through. if you can reduce pressure at the -- >> if they drop those first bag fees, would the lines get shorter? >> i don't know that there's a direct correlation but there's a direct correlation between people carrying prohibited items through a check point and slowing down the check point. >> kerry sanders is live at the world's busyiest airport in atlanta where they're unveiled new technology to speed up the screening process. what is it, and is it working? >> i can't tell you the reason
6:41 am
the line is so empty here is because of that new technology but i can tell you they're hoping that new technology is going to make a difference. >> i used it in amsterdam. this technology is you drop it in and then it automatically goes down. if the security agent sees it and says that has something in it i need to look at, it diverts on its own over to this side. none of this screaming for an agent to say bag check. someone automatically goes to on a separate track. they then look at it. if it needs further inspection, they have further inspection. the whole goal here is to automate. we heard the question that matt asked about paying those bag fees and whether the bag fees may be part of the problem. while the tsa administrator wouldn't say he thinks that has anything to do with it, many
6:42 am
passengers say they do believe it has something to do with it. as we wrap up here to make people feel happier, they've put out some music to soothe the savage beast. he's playing if you listen closely -- ♪ "waiting for a jet plane." >> don't know when i'll be back again. kerry sanders in atlanta. thanks for that. coming up -- we'll turn to an interesting source to dissect the veep stakes. the democratic veep stakes. we'll check in with the oddsmakers straight ahead. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ for those who've missgone to extremespe. to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪
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6:46 am
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five. >> i'll stay. >> i suggest you hit, sir. >> i also like to live dangerously. >> as you wish, sir. >> 20 beats your five. >> well, we're showing a gambling scene from a movie, it can only mean one thing. we're about to check in with nbc's cal perry who has the most enviable assignment. he's following the betting markets on the presidential election. this is a real thing. sports books all over the world. some of them are legal. many of them are underground are taking odds on the 2016 race, including the veep stakes. the question of who is going to be hillary clinton's running mate on the democratic ticket.
6:50 am
you know all the names being floated around. everyone pundit has an opinion on who it is going to be or isn't going to be. >> the going to find out where the money is right now when it comes to the democratic veepstakes and so we turn to cal perry. just remind people the basics here. they are taking bets at the sports book we're looking at in london. >> we've got the odds up and we'll break it down for $100 bill as usual. if it's 33-1, that could pay $3,300. >> these things move with the news. if somebody is the news and gets buzz, the lines move. >> elizabeth warren has been climbing that board because we've been talking for weeks about her attacks on donald trump and how she's going to play into the democratic ticket. >> let's bring up the favorites, we have your favorites here, julian castro, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and martin o'malley. >> this is where the money is.
6:51 am
julian castro brings you i guess texas. >> the latino vote is more -- >> right. >> cain, the virginia senator, swing state, elizabeth warren. >> martin o'malley i don't know why he's on the board. >> that's interesting. >> i don't know what the scenario is. >> we'll get to the bets -- >> these are middle of the road where you can do your best with your money. we've got -- sherrod brown and al franken and amy klob o uchar. >> i think she's a rising star in the democratic party. i think there's a lot of talk two women on the ticket, is that hillary clinton would do? i think there is a strategically there is sort of you double down on a strength and dare donald
6:52 am
trump to say something outrageous and amy could be a really good pick in general. >> a year ago, i would have bet cory booker -- two years ago now. but he's up there 12-1 if. you bet $100 on cory booker. >> my favorite part the sucker bets. >> there are people putting money on bill clinton or is this an elaborate things. >> i like to have a scenario for anything it justifies putting my money on something. donald trump has his debate with bernie and they become friends and bernie jacks the convention, moves hillary out of the way and brings in donald trump and united states everybody 500/1. >> there are some people out there apparently who see some sort of scenario like that,
6:53 am
putting their own money up saying donald trump will be the vp shal nominee. >> george clooney is always in these conversations. he's a go-to. >> this is interesting, look at the whole board, klobuchar is my pick. i could see that in the vice presidential debate, i'm starting to believe in warren, if i had to put money down right now, that might be where i put it right now but these things always change. >> the thing that always changes on the republican side, newt gingrich has climbed that ladder. >> is newt gingrich -- >> almost even money. >> on the republican side newt gingrich is the favorite. >> runaway favorite, 6/5, almost about $100 pay. >> you've got to follow the money because the money is telling you something about what's going to happen. i have been saying i don't see gingrich being the running matd
6:54 am
but that's what betters are seeing. >> i don't see it either for reasons we discussed. >> who are other names on the republican side? >> jeff sessions and corker, corker getting a lot of buzz this week. cal perry, thank you for making money and also people losing money. >> more often than not. thanks for that. coming up in the next hour, the latest on the backlash the obama administration's transgender directive as 11 states file lawsuits. i'm steve kornacki, jose diaz-balart is up next.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
rattled by it. >> also this morning the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mail server once again, front and center in the presidential campaign. on wednesday the state department's inspector general found that she violated department policies regarding how e-mails and documents were preserved and it says never tried to get permission to use her private server even though clinton said her practice was common knowledge. last night she told univision, i used my personal electronic mail, many people did. there are presidents. >> she has said for many months if she had this to do over again, she would do it differently. to take the proper perspective here, there's no new information that came to light in this report. >> meantime, donald trump didn't waste time bringing it up at his rally in california. >> not so good. the inspector general's report,
6:59 am
not good. >> and you can be sure it's just the tip of the iceberg. we have all of the angles covered this morning. kristen welker is following the clinton campaign from las vegas and luke russert is following developing news on capitol hill. let me begin with that but more on the latest on the state department report on hillary clinton's use of a personal e-mail server. let's begin with kristen welker in las vegas, good morning to you? >> jose, good morning to you. there is no doubt that report yesterday is overshadowing secretary clinton's campaign this week. it did rebuke her for her use of a personal e-mail server while serving as secretary of state, particularly the report said she didn't seek permission and said that she didn't follow federal records rules by not turning e-mails once she left office. i spoke with one of her top aides who says the answer is she didn't feel she needed to ask
7:00 am
permission because her predecessors used personal e-mail accounts and ultimately she was preserving her e-mails every time she copied or forwarded to someone with a account. steve kornacki pressed joel bennettson earlier today. take a listen to this exchange. >> it's not unreasonable for a person to infer that this is an acceptable way to e-mail. >> here is it what is unique about what she did, not having the official state department -- official government e-mail. she set up her own private e-mail server with her husband that was stored in their home. no other secretary of state has done that. >> she didn't set it up with her husband, the server existed previously. >> nobody in the state department knew about this. >> understood. other people had servers probably less secure than that outside. >> reporter: the exchange there i think that's a preview of what we


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